Who uses HAM radios?

Well, HAM radios are commonly used by amateur radio enthusiasts, backpackers, emergency responders, and survival/prepper experts. It is a widely used and respected form of communication, that in times of disaster have helped bring people together much quicker.

Why should I have one?

Radio transceivers such as HAM radios provide not only a hobby for yourself, but a vital part of communications that often go overlooked. HAM radios are able to function even when all other forms of communication are dead. When Wifi, phone networks, and landlines don’t work, these radios can easily be tuned in and you’re set for anything. Don’t underestimate the power of a HAM radio, as the knowledge gained will benefit you in any disaster situation. You will start to become the person that is prepared and ready for anything.

Do I need anything to buy a HAM radio?

Yes! though you are able to simply order a HAM radio, in order to properly (and legally) function one, you must have a technician level license from the FCC; which do not fear, is quite easy to attain!